About us We turn dining into experience. The newest „Do It Yourself” restaurant of Budapest has opened its doors to meat lovers. Our restaurant started in December 2016 in the heart of the city, a few steps away from the Basilica. If we want to describe Hot Stone Steakhouse with keywords only, they would be: - premium quality ingredients, - tasty dishes, - a wide variety of excellent wines, - a special experience. As a representative of DIY Steakhouses common overseas but a novelty in Budapest, in Hot Stone we primarily specialize in Hungarian meats. We are most proud of the Hungarian grey cattle and Mangalitza from the Kiskunság National Park but of course, we have other delicacies on the menu, too. We strive for the maximum so we don’t compromise the quality of our food. Come and be a chef at your table!

Our concept Come and be a chef at your table! As you would guess from our name, ’stone’ has a special role in our restaurant.. Lava stone is a natural, 100% volcanic product so it can transfer heat and following proper surface treatment it can be perfectly used as a mobile stove. After ordering, you get the lava stone heated to 400°C (752°F) on a ceramic plate and you can grill your chosen Steak with your own hands. Mangalitza and chicken have to be well done, these meats need heat treatment! Beef can be prepared in different ways: - Blue : The home temperature steak is seared quickly, with the inside cool and bright red, barely cooked. - Rare : It has a seared outside with a bright red inside, almost „rare”, or in French, „saignant”. - Medium rare : Midway between „rare” and medium with a reddish-pink inside that is tender and juicy. - Medium : The seared outside, a greyish brown crust is about one third of the meat with pinkish inside that is tender and juicy. - Medium well : Pinkish throughout, the meat is juicy but not so tender anymore. - Welldone : Greyish brown throughout, the meat is completely cooked with very little tenderness. Since the temperature of the lava stone is 400°C (752°F), the meat has to be sliced into appropriate width according to what kind of steak our guests would like; the more done we want the meat, the narrower it has to be sliced! But there is no need to worry, our experienced and polite staff will help you prepare the meat and make sure that if you visit us in Hot Stone Steak House, you will have a great time with special memories. Good to know that we do not use fat or oil when roasting so the food is not only tasty but healthy too! We comply with special regulations so we indicate the allergens at all our dishes making the choice easier for our guests who might need special dishes because of food intolerance.

Types of meat

Mangalica Pork

Mangalitsa is a unique and little known species of pig that originates predominantly from Hungary and is readily identified by it’s distinctive wild hairy coat and rather cute looks. At first sight it reminds people of a sheep! Today 90% of all Mangalitsa pigs are still bred in Hungary.The meat is high in beneficial minerals including zinc, copper and iron and anti-oxidants, all of which combine to make Mangalitsa pork far healthier to eat than standard white pork. Surprisingly it also has good cholesterol content, which helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the human body. But what makes Mangalitsa particularly special, is the flavour, it’s surprisingly good! Parliamentary resolution 32/2004. (IV.19.) OGY declared Mangalitsa as protected and as National Treasure!

Hungarian Grey Cattle

Hungarian cattle farming goes back many thousand years in history. The Hungarian Grey Cattle has been kept out on pastures even today, grazing on natural herbs, grass only. The unique taste of meat reflects the wealth of natural grass and flowers grown in Kiskunsági National park, from where we get the Fresh Meat to our Steakhouse.

Argentinian Angus

Argentine beef and its production have played a major part in the culture of Argentina, from the asado to the history of the gauchos of the Pampas. Angus meat is synonymous with high consistency, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. Grass-fed cattle are living under more natural conditions, and are less likely to have hormone implants. Argentinian Angus meat is famous as the best Meat in World, it also takes more time to raise an animal like this.


Hot Stone Wine Offer

Hot Stone Vulkán Cuvée
(Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Franc)


Pátzay - Badacsony

Cristal clear medium intense purple color with a violet rim variation. No CO2 or sediment in the glass and viscosity is high which gives you an idea on high quality staff inside. Clear medium plus intensity on the nose with red berries and light smokiness and warm spices plays an important role. Black pepper, chocolate, and sour cherry with a touch of cinnamon makes the fruity character round. On the palate the wine is dry with medium plus acidity and tannin structure. In the long aftertaste smooth flint character and berries. A modern style Bordeaux blend which after a few minutes of decanting could be complete on the side of a fatty peace of steak or a high quality filet mignon.

Champagne - Pro Secco - Sparkling Wines

Villányi Kszí (Pinot Noir gyöngyözőbor)

2017 / 2018

Vylyan Pincészet

glass: 1 100.-

bottle: 7 500.-

Rajnai Rizling Brut Special Edition


glass: 1 190.-

bottle: 7 900.-

One&Only Millesimato Doc



glass: 1 550.-

bottle: 10 900.-

President Blanc de Noir Brut



bottle: 10 900.-

Brut Impérial

Moet &Chandon

bottle: 35 000.-

Lambrusco Dell'Emilia


bottle: 5 500.-

White wines

Etyek-Budai Sauvignon Blanc


Haraszthy Pincészet / HVP Borcsalád

glass: 950.-

bottle: 5 900.-

Badacsonyi Rizling



glass: 950.-

bottle: 6 500.-

Mátrai Irsai Olivér


Dubicz Borászat és Szőlőbirtok

glass: 750.-

bottle: 4 990.-

Egri Charonnay Battonage


Thummerer Vilmos

glass: 1 390.-

bottle: 9 500.-

Csopaki Olaszrizling Sáfránkert Selection


Figula Pincészet

glass: 1 550.-

bottle: 10 500.-

Balatonboglári Matacs (Szürkebarát)


Bujdosó Pincészet

bottle: 10 900.-

Egri Nagy-Eged Viognier


Gróf Buttler

bottle: 13 500.-

Tokaji Muscat Blanc

2016 félszáraz (semi-dry)

Grand Tokaj

glass: 820.-

bottle: 5 500.-

Villányi Chardonnay


Vylyan Pincészet

glass: 950.-

bottle: 6 500.-

Tokaji Furmint (MÁD)


Szent Tamás Pincészet

glass: 1 090.-

bottle: 7 500.-

Rose wines

Szekszárdi Rozi Rosé


Bodri Pincészet

glass: 850.-

bottle: 5 700.-

Badacsonyi Prémium
Pinot Noir Rosé



glass: 990.-

bottle: 6 900.-

Villányi Rosé


Gere Attila

glass: 890.-

bottle: 5 900.-

Red wines

Hot Stone Vulkán Cuvée


Pátzay - Badacsony

glass: 1 450.-

bottle: 9 900.-

Egri Bikavér Grand Superior


Thummerer Pincészet

bottle: 16 900.-

Villányi Kopár Cuvée


Gere Attila

bottle: 24 000.-

Oak Cask Range Malbec

2017 / 2018


glass: 1 190.-

bottle: 7 900.-

Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique


Gere Attila

glass: 1 700.-

bottle: 11 900.-

Egri Tekenőháti Pinot Noir


Thummerer Vilmos

bottle: 15 500.-

Villányi Syrah Fekete Hegy Válogatás


Jekl Béla és Flóra

bottle: 13 300.-

Szekszárdi Kadarka


Bodri Pincészet

glass: 1 190.-

bottle: 7 900.-

Szekszárdi Merlot


Vesztergombi Pincészet

glass: 1 050.-

bottle: 7 400.-

Etyek-Budai Pinot Noir


Haraszthy Pincészet / Virtuoso

glass: 1 390.-

bottle: 9 700.-

Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 / 2015

Janus Borház

glass: 1 800.-

bottle: 12 500.-

Soproni Kékfrankos Missio


Jandl Kálmán

glass: 950.-

bottle: 6 500.-

Szekszárdi Bikavér Válogatás Faluhely


Bodri Pincészet

glass: 1 450.-

bottle: 9 900.-

Magnum (1,5L) wines

The size of the magnum bottle (1.5 l) is intended to emphasize the quality of the content contained therein, so only special vintage wines are included. Magnum bottles slow down the maturation of the wine (its life is longer), resulting in a much more subtle, more complex wine having a higher enjoyment.

Villányi Montenuovo Cuvée


Vylyan Pincészet

bottle: 19 900.-

Villányi Kopar Cuvée

2013 / 2015

Gere Attila

bottle: 45 000.-

Villányi Syrah


Vylyan Pincészet

bottle: 29 900.-

Wines from Tokaj

Tokaji Édes Szamorodni


Chateau Megyer

bottle: 7 700.-

Tokaji Késői Arany


Grand Tokaj

glass: 1 400.-

bottle: 6 500.-

Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos

2011 / 2013

Sárga Borház

glass: 2 980.-

bottle: 14 900.-

Aperitif - Coolers

Campari8 cl: 1 790.-

Martini8 cl: 1 200.-

Aperol Spritz20 cl: 1 590.-

Gin & Tonic
(Gordon’s & Schweppes
Indian Tonic)
25 cl: 1 780.-

Captain Spice & Gingerale
(Canada Dry)25 cl: 1 680.-

Sanbitter Orange
(Non Alcoholic)25 cl: 1 490.-

Hugo1 990.-

Mentás Uborka Spritzer
(Non Alcoholic)1 490.-

Bitters 4 cl



Vodka 4 cl


Russian Standard Platinum1 490.

Gin 4 cl

Beefeater1 190.-

Bombay Sapphire1 490.-

Gordon’s1 190.-

Tanqueray No. Ten1 990.-

Rum 4 cl

Bacardi Carta Blanca990.-

Bacardi Black1 190.-

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold1 090.-

Tequila 4 cl

El Jimador Blanco990.-

El Jimador Raposado990.-

Bourbon -Tenesse Whisky 4 cl

Jim Beam990.-

Jack Daniel’s1 190.-

Scotch Blended Whisky 4 cl

Johnnie Walker
Red Label990.-

Johnnie Walker
Black Label2 200.-


Chivas Regal
12 Years1 690.-

Chivas Regal
18 Years3 990.-

Scotch Single Malt Whisky 4 cl

Glenfiddich 12 Years2 500.-

Irish Whisky 4 cl

Jameson1 290.-

Cognac - Armagnac 4 cl

Hennessy V.S.1 890.-

Remy Martin V.S.O.P.2 690.-

Bas-Armagnac Baron Gaston V.S.O.P.2 490.-

Liquor 4 cl

Bailey’s (6 CL)1 390.-

Cointreau1 590.-

Sambuca Ramazotti1 100.-

Amaretto Di Saronno1 290.-

Draught Beers 0,3 l



Draught Beers 0,5 l



Bottled Hungarian Craft Beer 0,33 l

Ugar Brewery Agrárx 8%1 590.-

American wheat beer 5,6%1 490.-

Night - Dark Lager 4,5%1 490.-

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Stella Artois N.A850.-


Carling Apple Cider990.-

Mineral Waters

Kristály Natura
Still0,3 l: 490.-

Kristály Natura
Sparkling0,3 l: 490.-

Szigetközi Friss Víz
Still1 l: 1 100.-

Szigetközi Friss Víz
Sparkling1 l: 1 100.-

Soft dtinks 0,25 l


Pepsi Black590.-

7 UP590.-

Schweppes Orange590.-

Schweppes Canada Dry590.-

Schweppes Tonic590.-

Tropicana Orange 100%590.-

Tropicana Apple 100%590.-

Iced Amaretto Flat White1 690.-

Ice Tea Lipton Lemon590.-

Ice Tea Lipton Peach590.-

Lemonade 0,5 l


Raspberry1 290.-

Strawberry1 290.-

Green Apple1 290.-

Watermelon1 290.-

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate


Dupla Espresso980.-

Espresso Macchiato550.-


Caffé Latte590.-



Latte Macchiato650.-

Bailey’s 6cl & Coffee1 890.-

Iced Coffee990.-

Irish Coffee1 690.-

Iced Amaretto Flat White1 690.-

Dilmah Tea590.-

Hot Chocolate890.-

We can make your coffee in decaff version!

Mulled Wine 0,2 l


We charge 12% service fee for food and beverage.