Original Hot Stone®

Hot Stone® is a registered trademark since 2016.

Only and exclusively the holders of the registered trademark have the right to use the Hot Stone trademark. Anyone using the Hot Stone trademark without the consent of the holders of the trademark will be impeached for trademark infringement under legislation.

The cuisine technique to use lava stone is not a novelty, but Hot Stone® provides a complete restaurant experience with the highest quality of ingredients and service and the active participation of the guests at the same time. We have created and been improving this service as a whole, and with the trademark we wish to differentiate it from other restaurant services. We will not spare any efforts in taking necessary steps not to allow unauthorized entities to use the Hot Stone®️ trademark and mislead our customers.

So far, there is only one Hot Stone restaurant in Hungary: the Hot Stone Steakhouse. If you are interested in the service that Hot Stone provides and wish to become our franchise partner, please, contact us at doboszs1975@gmail.com.